We don’t yet know what the extent of the dangers associated with this is or will be. It could be just be feeling really crappy for a while or it could be much worse.

I will refrain from making this entire episode about the misinformation, mismanagement, criminal level of stupidity and corruption associated with this event and the country in which this whole mess started. There are a huge amount of facts, circumstantial evidence and burden of abundant proof that this problem was exacerbated and seemingly encouraged to spread and intensify. We have been lied to for so long about the severity of this that it has become a legitimate worldwide concern. Thanks you dishonest bastards.

  • To the detractors and the people who want to downplay this, consider the following:
  • If this is nothing to worry about then why are the PLA being deployed to quarantine entire neighborhoods? • If this is just the flu why are people being barricaded into their own homes?
  • Why have we not received a single legitimate figure or statistic since the start of this mess?
  • Why are the crematoriums running 24/7 but reported death rates don’t coincide?

The figures don’t jive folks. Something is seriously wrong here everyone. This was nothing to worry about a few weeks ago when there were 2000 confirmed cases and it was only in china?

Nothing we do can stop this from happening, we can only prepare ourselves to deal with this situation and its effects.

  • Fear of this matter will cause as much disruption as the thing itself.
  • Could lead to or cause a ripple effect including but certainly not limited to… postal delivery, day to day operations of the business you work for, stocks and securities, your ability to easily purchase things you want or need, medications you depend on, food for your pets, parts to repair something broken, ect… the effects of this will likely last far longer than this event.
  • Ideally there are a great deal of resources already in the various interconnected systems and supply chains that we depend on, shelves are being restocked for now.
  • There is a huge amount of normalcy bias still fogging the perceptions of the public at large, but people are starting to get wise to the situation at hand and things are starting to become scarce. For example, I have personally witnessed low inventory of things like disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer and PPE as well as bulk food stuffs like rice and beans. Again I say low stock and (not wiped out), these things are definitely getting some noticeably extra attention.

What can you do?

  • Ensure you are adequately equipped to just stay home… Buy a little extra at the store. Especially the things you need for cleaning incase someone in your home gets sick, with cv or something else.
  • Treating symptoms is very important, if you do get sick. OTC stuff like anti diarrheal, cough suppressant, fever reducer and nyquil don’t cure a sickness but help managing it way easier.
  • Remote options, teledoc or similar programs that keep you away from other sick people.
  • If you have a good established relationship ask your doc for an Rx, for typical things usually prescribed for flu. Antiviral, Tamiflu, cough suppressant, anti-nausea, steroid packs, breathing treatments ect…
  • Take an interest in your health now, daily exercise and vitamin regimen will definitely help.
  • Have a plan and supplies for a sick room, or Have an area (room or bathroom) if available, for someone who becomes ill. Preferably a room with restroom access and a window for sunlight and fresh air.
  • Be reasonable, if you don’t feel well don’t intentionally go out and risk getting other people sick.
  • Talk to your boss / HR / HSE dept and ask what the policy is for a situation like this. Is working remotely an option?
  • What is your current available sick time / paid vacation time?
  • If self-employed, would this prohibit you from earning income, do you have an alternate option or method of making a living?

Stuff to consider: 

  • Hibiclense or dial antibacterial soap or similar
  • Aerosol disinfectant spray / cleaners / refillable spray bottles
  • Spare small trash can or bucket, and bags… USE THE DOUBLE BAG METHOD. Nitrile gloves and other PPE. 
  • Designated box of supplies for a specific sick room / area of your house… food, cleaning supplies, tissues and other stuff like cell phone chargers.
  • Food storage supplies, like Ziploc bags, food saver bags ect… a rush on the grocery store if there is a panic could force you to buy in amounts that aren’t normal and you may have to break down into smaller quantities… also a disruption to supply chain from overreaction or legitimate concerns / risk could force you to buy in a larger quantity now.
  • Food / daily use items journal, keep a record of what you eat and use daily, it’s a great way to get a base line for the things you should have or get extra of incase you need to stay home or again supply chain is disrupted.
  • What things do you use, that you can order off of amazon in case you do get sick and cant / shouldn’t go to the store

Please take the time now to either prepare, prioritize your preparedness or audit your preparedness measures and or planning. This could be nothing  or end up being a big issue..

-Tx Joe

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