Tonight we’ll be talking with Andrew Fisher from Stop the Bleed month. A grass roots campaign to reduce deaths from bleeding.

  • What is Stop The Bleed Month?
  • How do you stop a bleed?
  • How do you apply a tourniquet (TQ) properly?
  • How does one get involved?
  • Should people carry a TQ with them all the time?
  • A new Tactical/Medical TQ review


Stop The Bleed Month

Delphi TQ

Deployed Medicine

Bleeding Control Kit

North American Rescue

Medical Gear Outfitters


Join us to chat in real time with me and some of the other cohosts as well as members of the tactical and liberty community. Our community that shares and creates content and knowledge on an almost 24/7 schedule! A very positive place with lots of good people, and growing!



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-Jack, Pat

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