The more “wealth” you have, the more money you have saved up, and the less debt you have, makes you that much less of a slave (and more able to buy guns and training)! Today TX Joe and Pat talk:

  • Defining wealth (at any income level).
  • If you had no debt, would you create it for fun? Fuck no.
  • Save first or save what is left?
  • The physical and psychological effects of using cash.
  • Precious Metals, Gift Cards, Cash.
  • We save “crypto” for OX to talk about with you.
  • Alchemy is real! Turn shit metal into valuable metal!
  • The goal: becoming less of a slave!
  • And more.


Join us on discord to chat in real time with me and some of the other cohosts as well as members of the tactical and liberty community. Our community that shares and creates content and knowledge on an almost 24/7 schedule! A very positive place with lots of good people, and growing!



Insurgency Knitting Circle. A Liberty oriented community for people to bring value to one another, and to share value. We have an open, adult atmosphere because we believe that the ability to use adult language and use humor and adult messages allows us more ease to share information and value without being held to a “sterile, politically correct” environment.

We’re happy to have new friends in the circle, so swing on by our Discord channel or search for us on Instagram. It’s not a place for everybody but we really would love for you to even stop by to just say hello and tell us how you found us and what your thoughts are 

Until next time, seek out Liberty in everything you do.

-TX Joe & Pat

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