Preface, there is a lot of hype and a lot of hysteria. Regardless of where you land on the side of the issue theres some glaring and very strange things happening and that have happened regarding this.

Again I say this not a time to panic but I do think you should calmly get prepared as soon as you can. In the first episode I released addressing this situation I made a plea for listeneners to get prepared, I also avoided discussing the politics. I am going to address the politics and facts in this episond. If you havent listened to the related episode please take some time to do so as these are part of a series.

What a difference a week makes… a week ago I posted an episode discussing the current events surrounding the corona virus aka COVID-19. At the time I posted the first episode a week ago (worldwide) there was 20k confirmed cases, and about 428 deaths. As of today we are looking at figures that have more than doubled in 6 days.

Two live number tracking sites I use: &

A exercise in math:

Normal bug for (2019-2020): 22 million cases, 210,000 hospitalized and 12,000 deaths (.055% death rate) COVID-19 officially reported death rate: 2%…. that’s a smidge higher than the flu guys… buuuut ok.

CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.


2/5/2020 press briefing

  • WHO director opens the 2/5 press brief with a plea for $675 Million US in financial support, and repeatedly says Invest today or pay more tomorrow, and refers to the required money to help combat the virus as an investment opportunity. 
  • Later in the 2/5 press briefing Director Tedros laughs and trys to use reverse psychology, and says they will allow china to investigate themselves and report what if anything they did wrong in an after action report

2/6/2020 press briefing

  • WHO said they don’t know or fully understand the transmissibility rates or methods.
  • WHO said they don’t have therapies or vaccines.
  • WHO says they don’t know the source, right after trying to perpetuate the story abut it originating from an animal or 2 or 3 in the whuan market.
  • WHO says that the effects can range from mild discomfort and regular flu symptoms to MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE.
  • Repeatedly referring to funding as an opportunity for investment. WHO admits that they cant effectively diagnose the illness, that the testing is not always accurate.

2/7/2020 press briefing

  • WHO director opens with comments and cites that global PPE supply demand is up 200% and prices are up 20X because of inappropriate use outside of patient care, supplies of respirators and masks are insufficient to meet the needs of WHO.
  • WHO mobilizes the global pandemic supply chain infrastructure, to ensure that supplies get to front line workers and WHO director expresses his appreciation for the companies in the Pandemic supply chain network that have made the decision to ONLY supply medical professionals, and redirecting the supply of PPE to the people and places who need it most.
  • WHO says they are discouraging stockpiling PPE in countries and areas where transmission is low, and calling countries and companies to work directly with the WHO to ensure “fair and rational use of supplies” and “rebalancing of the market”
  • The first mummers of misinformation and controlling the narrative start from a reporter, WHO says says they will fight to put out the best information
  • WHO says they are in discussions regarding implementing monetary and economic restrictions across all areas of supply chain from wholesalers to raw materials producers regarding the purchasing and distribution / redistribution of PPE products directly from manufacturers and re directing inventories globally to the hardest hit areas
  • WHO Director admits they the WHO is contacting the public and private manufacturers directly about supply chain controls, WHO uses the term “hoarding” for the first time.
  • WHO said there is not enough medical personnel or resources to test and ascertain the true figures of the infection / hospitalization rates and therefore the death rates
  • WHO and IHR demand that countries justify their actions for things such as quarantine, removing their citizens from china, shutting down trade ect…

2/8/2020 SITREP

• February 8 2020: WHO director announces # pronged approach to combat misinformation. Measures include forcing companies like Facebook, google, twitter, tiktok, pintrest and several other media companies, to filter out what the WHO deems as false information, and promote WHO approved messages and information.—8-february-2020

2/10/2020 press conference

  • WHO director opens by confirming current numbers and confirms the 2% fatality rate again.
  • WHO director confirms that there has been two onward transmission events where people with confirmed cases have had no travel history to china, France and UK, warns that this could be a spark that becomes a bigger fire. Emphasizes that these countries use the window of time they have to contain this situation / spread.
  • Who director admits that there are countries without vital diagnostic equipment or capabilities and those countries are in the dark as to how far and wide the virus has spread and who has legitimate cases and who has a similar virus.
  • A reporter asked if the WHO had been advised of research that suggests the incubation window of 5 – 14 days could actually be 24 days at the top end thus creating a greater risk of double exposure. The WHO officials said they would definitely look into the research but said they would not be changing their recommendation of 14 days.

2/11/20 press conference

  • WHO Director opens with a detour discussing ebola, and confirms the current numbers for COVID-19
  • Virus named COVID-19 (name had to be the following: not specific a region, animal, individual or group of people, and cannot be inaccurate or stigmatizing.)
  • Totals globally over 43k confirmed and over 1000 deaths with majority still isolated in china
  • Global response effort now to be joint operation with UN and WHO, UN’s role is to strengthen response across the board including maritime, humanitarian and peace keeping efforts. Stressing multilateral cooperation.
  • WHO says it could be 18 moths till we see a vaccine, no indication of priority for distribution once developed.
  • Advocates for the 675 million USD in funding again, invest now and strike hard with “window of opportunity” or we will regret it. Citing that we could possibly face “far” more cases and “far” higher costs if we do not act and use the window of opportunity (WHO claims window of opportunity exists because of the serious measures of the Chinese government to contain the virus, basically buying the rest of the world to act/ prepare/ and respond) 
  • Never say yes to something you cant say no to.
  • When asked about the news of china changing the way they plan to report numbers the WHO team denied any knowledge of this news story
  • Confirmed cases now will include lab confirmed asymptomatic cases and symptomatic cases.
  • When asked about his level of confidence of the containment of the virus the WHO director says his confidence in the containment measures is based on the actions of the countries involved in this situation… 
  • Who director openly admits that this outbreak is serious and he is greatly concerned if it spreads or makes its way to a lesser equipped country with a weaker health system.
  • Who director says that virus out breaks have the ability to disrupts everything from economics to politics to social systems and openly suggests that this virus should be taken seriously and treated as public enemy number 1, and considers the impact a virus could have to be far worse than any act of terrorisim. 
  • When asked about the reports that the virus could spread to effect 60% of global population the panel completely avoids the question, citing that informing and empowering the population is a top priority. Then says it seems like every chance we get we want to spread the infodemic and not stop the epidemic. Later says if it worsens we will deal with it at that point, and suggests it may be a weaker virus then.
  • WHO director again stresses the need to act with a sense of urgency, admits that its airborne and worse than ebola, more potent more virulent and taken more seriously than ebola, the world needs to do everything it can to contain the virus.
  • Validity of animal source in the Wuhan food market is still unconfirmed, few at this point believe this but ok.

Link to the sit rep for 2/11/20 I mentioned

Link to the disease commodity recommendation list I mentioned—novel-coronavirus-(ncov)

The pictures I mentioned about the forging plants and the S02 signature

Well guys I hope you enjoy the episode and this associated article, please stay safe.

-Tx Joe

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