• What is your GOAL in hiring an attorney? What is the RESULT you want?
  • Having a go-to person for your general legal questions
  • Estate planning,
    • Will
    • Trust
    • End of life care
    • What would the client like to have done with their remains after death
    • Funeral arrangements
    • Life insurance
    • What would they like to have happen to the property
    • Is there a need to “shield” the property from anything?
    • NOTE – there are different wills, trusts, and combinations (ie, tools) available to the attorney to achieve a certain outcome/goal/result
    • An example of protecting assets from Medicaid using an “intentionally defective trust”
    • Public Service Announcement – everyone should have a “living will”
      • you don’t need an attorney to draft a living will
    • What might estate planning for someone in their 30s or 40s look like (as compared to the estate planning of someone in their 60s)
    • Super useful features of a trust 
    • If you have kids, you need a will
    • How many hours might a couple need to sit down with an attorney and create a will (and approximation of the cost).
    • Where might someone store a will (and where NOT to store the will)
  • People typically discuss these two broad areas with their attorney:  1) mitigate risk 2) protect assets.
  • Should every adult should have a go to attorney just as they have a go to primary care provider?
  • An attorney’s perspectives on finding a generalist attorney
  • What topics might a generalist attorney NOT cover
    • Taxes
    • Bankruptcy
    • Employment (labor law)
  • Broad differences between large and small attorney firms
  • What do clients NOT do that might be really great to help you find a generalist attorney


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